U.S. Feds Prosecuting Tove Jensen Images As Child Porn.

NOTE: NSFW = adult material

UPDATE: Wikipedia has deleted the Tove Jensen article.

Tove Jensen, classic adult film star or child victim?  U.S. Department of Justice claims she is underage in her loop “Teenage Tricks”.  They say it under oath.  They convict.  It calls into question all of Tove’s performances.  Yet her catalog of images can be found everywhere, including the Library of Congress.  So what’s the trewthe?

Tove (aka Tiny Tove), is the commercial name of a popular vintage adult performer who starred for European producers and distributors in the late 70’s, most notably the Danish Color Climax Corporation (CC).

There is an element of myth to Tove’s career, past and present, but a general consensus exists regarding her performances, which include the loop  “Teenage Tricks” (NSFW).  A photo set entitled, “A Hole New Experience” was culled from the filming.

That loop was taken into U.S. federal court, marked as government exhibit 17-A in a child porn trial, and testimony elicited that Tove was underage.  After conviction, the defendant informed the prosecutor, and the court, that Tove was one of the females alleged, and that she was over 18 in the footage.  The prosecutor’s response was dismissive, and concluded with:

…and factually, you were and remain properly convicted.

One may assume the prosecutor’s response to the court was similar.

But CC has copyrighted all their material, including Tove’s “Teenage Tricks” with the Library of Congress.  These measures were taken in response to piracy, the most prolific of whom was sued in Digital Graphic Systems, et al. v Bile. The suit created much discussion in the newsgroups which were trading Tove material.

Bile defaulted, and his domain was awarded to CC which continues to use it as a warning to potential infringers.

The CC website, on-line since 1997, is  administered out of Chicago, Illinois, (previously Florida).   The site is hosted on servers registered to Amazon.com (awsdns.net), which in turn is registered to their legal department with a post office box in Nevada.  Awsdns.net appears to be hosted on Amazon’s servers, presumably in Washington state, subjecting it to U. S. law.  The site states all models are over the age of 18, with proof on file, consistent with 2257 regulations.  There are also unconfirmed reports that CC was dragged into Euro courts within the last decade and forced to verify the ages of their models.

And for a short time, someone claiming to be Tove had a blog on Google’s Blogspot.  The blog was little more than advertisement for what was claimed to be her “official” website, tovejensen.com, which is owned by a chap well known in England, Guy Wingate.  Wingate’s site is a teaser, directing one thru text and links to the CC site, for images of Tove.

Enom Whois for tovejensen.comEnom Whois for tovejensen.com(UPDATE: Wingate has opted for privacy protection with ENOM, but the photos at left document his ownership.  In addition, tovejensen.com is housed on servers owned by Wingate; Coreserver.com.)

Meanwhile, CC contracted with the German Musketier Media to transfer their Bestsellers films to digital.  The DVD film rights belong to Ervin Peterson, of EP-video (NSFW) which has released three in the Teenage series with Tove (260, 255, 252).  They are available in the states.

UPDATE:  Peterson’s website, epvideo.dk, appears to be offline.  Cannot access the version containing the CC dvds thru the Internet Archive.

All this begs the question.  Are the feds knowingly allowing child porn to be disseminated worldwide?  Is the Library of Congress registering images of child porn for copyright protection?  Is CC conspiring with the feds to entrap unwary consumers into downloading child porn onto their computers?

Or was Tove factually over 18 in “Teenage Tricks” thus presenting another example of why the U.S. should clean their own house before exporting “the rule of law” to other nations.  What is the trewthe?